Katrien Eerdekens - Find Your Voice
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Katrien Eerdekens

Katrien Eerdekens

Our voice is the most powerful and beautiful instrument that we – people – have to express ourselves.


By using our vocal cords in a controlled way we can transform our thoughts, feelings and identity into sound. It is precisely this goal – to help people discover their own sound – that has become my passion and profession.


During voice therapy I am your coach so that you can become a master in your own voice and communication pattern.

I am:

A vibrant, loud, music loving, perfectionistic, open, positive vibing, chatty, sea salt chocolate munching, monochromatic clothes wearing, tea drinking, chaotic, catloving – person.

I am also:

An independent voice therapist who holds a Graduate of voice therapy,  Specialized in Transgender voice, passionated about the vocal instrument and the vocal psychology and who just happens to teach voice classes at an academic institution or two in Belgium and a proud part of the LAX VOX core institute team. I am also the vocal coach of the main actor of the wonderful film ‘Girl’ by Lukas Dhont that you all have to see in your life.


  • 2014: Thomas More, Bachelor in de Logopedie
  • 2015: Thomas More, Postgraduaat Stem
  • 2015: Manuele facilitatie van het hoofd-halsgebied o.l.v. Annelies Labaere
  • 2015: Uitspraakcoaching o.l.v. Bernadette Timmermans
  • 2015: Zangcoaching volgens de Complete Vocal Technique o.l.v. Kees Meerman
  • 2016: Universal Voice System Level 1 o.l.v. Alberto Ter Doest
  • 2016: Working with Transgender Voice o.l.v. Christella Antoni (Londen)
  • 2016: Wendler’s Glottoplasty: Chirurgie met Dr. Remacle
  • 2017: Thomas More, Manuele facilitatie van de larynx
  • 2017: Thomas More, Semi-Occluded Vocal Tract o.l.v. Gert Leunen
  • 2017: Workshop articulatie en intonatie o.l.v. Bernadette Timmermans
  • 2017: LAX VOX®: Stephanie Kruse (München)
  • 2017: LaKru Stimmtransition MtF (Berlin)
  • 2017: Transgenderzorg: de psychosociale kant van een transitie
  • 2017: Universal Voice System Level 2 o.l.v. Alberto Ter Doest
  • 2018: Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, ACT Academie
  • 2019: Osteopathy & vocal problems o.l.v. Jakob Lieberman (Panta Rhei)