Voice and identity

The voice is a second face

Gerard Bauer

Each voice is different and each has its own way of sounding but also speaking. This makes your voice a mirror of your soul and it is very much linked to who you are.

The main purpose of voice therapy is not only to learn to use your vocal instrument in a different way, but also to find a new voice that is yours and to make the new voice your own. We can learn to use your voice in a different way through muscle training. Through exercises we can learn a new sound, these exercises focus on: the flexibility of your voice, the resonance, how the pitch variations are in function of the intonation, articulation and use of words. It is a combination of these elements and the non-verbal aspects that make a voice male or female. But the most important aspect of this is the identity part, how does the person want to sound? What makes that we can link the voice to who the person is? Are their psychological struggles or anxieties that are blocking people of let their voice sound?

Before you can start using your voice, your voice and voice usage must be mapped out. This is done on the basis of voice measurements and it is checked how you use your voice, what with singing, in which different speech situations, whether there is a lot of voting pressure, whether there are medical aspects that can influence the voice, etc. character, who you are, what your expectations are and to what extent we can fulfill them. The measurement results are discussed in detail and a personal treatment plan is drawn up. It goes without saying that it is sometimes necessary to collaborate with other disciplines such as a psychologist, a singing coach or a manual therapist. It is highly recommended to have your vocal cords checked at a Nasal Nose and Throat Doctor, because it will be intensive therapy and it is important that your voice is in order.

Every voice box is different and therefore everyone has their own way of giving voice but also of the way of communicating (introvert – extravert). This makes your voice a mirror of your soul and it is very much linked to who you are.

Listen to some of our clients here before, after and during their voice transition.