Combinatie stemtherapie en operatie

Voice feminization surgery only focusses on pitch and due to Leung et al. (2018) Speaking fundamental frequency contributes to 41.6% of the variance in gender perception. So if we would only work on pitch, it wouldn’t be enough to be perceived as female. This is why voice therapy in is highly recommended.

4 steps to find your voice


Voice assessment​

Analysis of the voice recordings

Acoustic-spectographic measurements

Expectations voice

Use of the voice in daily life


Pre surgery voice therapy

Weekly voice training for flexibility and a healthy voice before the surgery.

(3-5 sessions recommended before voice surgery)

If you want, we can do the whole voice feminization before the surgery and you can still decide if you want/need the surgery afterwards.


Voice surgery​

Increase the tension of the vocal cords

Reducing the mass of the vocal cords


Post surgery voice therapy

Voice recovery

Voice flexibility

Improvement of vocal fold closure

Improvement of mucosal wave

Singing exercises

Voice feminization with focus on resonance, articulation, intonation, posture

(minimum 10 sessions recommended after surgery)

Dr. Remacle & Katrien in CHL Luxembourg in 2016
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